Wall Panels

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Wall Panels

Prefabricated wall panels provide an excellent alternative to traditional stick framing. Wall panels improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase structural integrity. They are easy to install and can be engineered for a variety of wall applications and heights. Wall panels reduce costly material overruns by eliminating material estimates and variances created by different framing techniques. Automated Products Inc manufactures wall panels in a controlled environment, out of the elements, to ensure the highest quality on every wall. Our state-of-the-art delivery equipment will get your panels to the job in the same condition as when they left the plant.

We are able to design and supply all the materials for tall walls. As building codes change, we provide the engineering the inspectors are looking for that will withstand wind forces. We are able to assemble them just like a normal wall panel job so all you have to do is set them. If you would rather build them, we can send the pieces to your job site with instructions on how to build it.

Wall panels are another way we can speed up your projects. Walls come ready to set. All the rough opens are done. We insulate headers an area that would not be able to be done once we apply the sheathing. Typically, we sheath the exterior walls in the material of your choice. We can also apply the house wrap, so once the walls are set your job site is protected from the wind.

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